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What is multidisciplinary studies?

The Eberly College multidisciplinary studies degree program is comprised of three related minors. The program does not limit students to courses of study in a particular college or school—rather, it stresses the breadth of knowledge and cross-disciplinary communication. The program emphasizes flexibility and combines specialized knowledge from individual disciplines with a unique ability to approach problems from divergent perspectives. Students learn to apply their minors to real-world problems and to apply multidisciplinary techniques in communicating the strengths of their self-chosen course of study.

Degrees offered

Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (B.MdS.)
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.)

For more information on the curriculum, see the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

How do I design my degree?

Each student chooses three minor areas and must demonstrate how these areas work together toward their educational and career goals. For example, a student may choose the areas of business administration, sport and exercise psychology and advertising with a goal of a career in sports and event planning. MDS students participate in a capstone during their final semester as a means to incorporate all three disciplines into a senior project, presentation and paper.